Seaside Boardwalk, Belmont Shores, Long Beach, CA.

At the south-east edge of Long Beach at the terminus of the San Gabriel River, is the Belmont Shores Peninsula and its beach oriented community.  The peninsula separates the Los Alamitos Bay, and the community of Naples, from the protected Long Beach Harbor area.  Our clients had for years owned a home along the boardwalk and had a desire to build a new home on a select parcel facing the harbor and the open ocean.  The home, elevated above the waterline, has three levels; an entry and recreation level; a living level with decks and guest bedrooms; and the master bedroom level.  The property faces due south with a commanding view across the harbor and ocean.  This location is subject to daily breezes from the west, making the shelter from these winds essential to the success of the home.  The design of the home features multiple enclosed decks with telescoping glass, to allow for their flexible use.  When the breezes are not too strong, the deck areas can be made entirely open.  The adjacent living areas open to these terraces in a similar manner, creating a large indoor-outdoor experience.  Should the winds pick up, the decks can be protected with the glass panels, thereby protecting the interior without sacrificing the views. In view of the potential water level changes and damage due to storm surges, the lowest level of the home has been built entirely of cast in place concrete.  The exterior of the home has been detailed with materials selected for durability in the ocean environment; multicolored grey fiber cement panels, stainless steel, pre-painted sheet metal.  Wood ceilings have been used to give the home warmth, and are located in areas not subject to sun or water damage.

1733 s. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90035

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