All of our work is informed by the following fundamental principles:


1. We are service oriented and understand that we are here to serve the interest of our clientele.


2. We are community oriented and understand that architecture is a social art and affects the communities it is part of.


3. We are collaborative and understand that good ideas and projects are the result of accessing the total intelligence and inspiration within the team.


4. We are environmentally active and understand that our work is part of multiple levels of ecological systems.


5. Our work is specific to a location, drawing on the qualities present in the site for inspiration and relevance- cultural, social and environmental.


6. Our work is technologically critical and proactive.  We understand that we have access to extraordinary technologies...technologies which can add to our clients capabilities and to the enjoyment of their lives.


7. Our work strives to understand, utilize and adapt to new construction and material technologies which make the process of building more humane, intelligent, durable and cost effective.



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