A site on the south side of Colorado Boulevard in the Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles had been created by Caltrans as a staging area for the creation of the 118 freeway.  They had created a massive cut in the hill to produce a generally flat work area.  Our clients had acquired this site and had proposed to design and build a multifamily project.  The challenge of this site was that the cut created by Caltrans was on the order of twenty-five fee high and was unsupported.  The building we designed was conceived of as a buttressing member to the retaining wall structure required to stabilize this hill.  As such the costs of the retaining wall structure were distributed in part to the structure of the building.  The building is currently being redesigned in order to increase the number of residential units and thereby increase the financial viability of the proposal.

1733 s. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90035

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