The Cahuenga Live Work Lofts were the first Live-Work structure built from the ground up in the City of Los Angeles.  Prior to this structure, the Live Work Loft definition was used in the re-use, and conversion of underutilized industrial, and warehouse structures in the downtown areas of Los Angeles. The developer of this project recognized that the Live Work lifestyle was, in and of itself, a valuable and desirable alternative lifestyle that should be available to new structures as well as existing ones.  The Director of Planning in the City of Los Angeles agreed, and this project was used to determine how this would be made possible.  10 live work units are organized around a common driveway court.  Each unit is provided with a minimum of 2 parking spaces in an over-height parking area.  This ground floor area had area for parking as well as studio space and was intended to provide for high ceiling work areas.  The upper levels were designed as open and ambiguous for both living and working.

1733 s. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90035

(310) 280-0193