Berry Drive, Studio City, CA.

The Berry Drive residence, another project with Quadrant, Inc, is situated on the curve of a street in a very steep area of the Santa Monica Mountains in Studio City.  Studio City is on the north facing flank of the Santa Monica range, which separates the coastal area from the San Fernando Valley. The site, surprisingly, faces southwest, and, because of this, is without significant long views.   The development of the site was based on a long linear development to minimize grading and produce a highly functional living arrangement.  The alternating floor strategy is used again to produce greater volume in the living areas.  These areas share with the Garage a roof profile, but are accessed from the entry by stepping down half a level.  The result is a living room with a higher volume ceiling. The bedrooms are a full level below the living room, with the Master bedroom below the Garage area, thereby acquiring a tall ceiling and enlarged volume.

1733 s. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90035

(310) 280-0193