Arrow Tools, located in Van Nuys, California, is a distributor of rough construction materials and tools.  For Arrow Tools we designed a 30,000 sf tilt up concrete warehouse with ground floor retail area and second story corporate offices.  The primary features of the design were an iconic shade producing canopy, and the subtle texture of the pre cast concrete.  The building faces due south, and places the workers of the warehouse and loading areas in the harsh sun and full heat of the summer.  This being in the center of the San Fernando Valley, summer temperatures in triple digits are not uncommon.  We proposed an oversized canopy across the entire southern fa├žade to provide for significant shade for the work area. This made the unconditioned warehouse a more humane working area, and significantly reduced the heat load on the entire building.  We also provided the warehouse with evenly distributed skylights to minimize any need for artificial lighting. The tilt up concrete walls were designed with an inserted half round dowel vertically distributed in a random pattern, providing visual detail to the otherwise unarticulated surface.  The building garnered a concrete building design award upon its completion.

1733 s. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90035

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