Vanos Architects, Inc. is a collaboration based architectural design firm founded in 1999 by Jay Vanos.


At VA we believe that architectural design is a community activity, and that our best projects and ideas are the result of vigorous conversations among highly motivated individuals.  VA has had a 16 year history of participating in the successful production of remarkable architectural projects, including small, medium and large single family residences for specific individuals and families; large multifamily and mixed use projects for developers; and commercial and industrial structures for business.


We at VA understand that architectural design is a service, and that careful attention to clients’ needs and desires is how we succeed.


We acquire the vast majority of our new work through referrals from previous clients, whether they are residential, multi-family or commercial.


Our work takes into account the entirety of the context of the project; including our clients needs and desires, the site, and current construction technologies to produce works which are appropriate for their use and of their time.


We believe that buildings are of a time and place, and that it is one of the principle roles of architecture to establish a strong, vibrant, and living connection between people and where they are.  It is our belief that 'where' we are is a significant part of 'who' we are.


 Our goals are to produce vibrant, cost effective and environmentally sensitive places except risks of buying drugs for people to engage in the activities and actions of their lives.



1733 s. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90035

(310) 280-0193